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2017 All Star Game

What a great All Star Game on Tuesday, July 11.

Our MVPs:

Coed Female

  • Ana Rivera (EBG Bees)
  • Jackie Kressaty (Master Batters)
  • Tess DeMarco (Markit Group)

Coed Male

  • Sean Smythe (EBG Bees)
  • Fernando Marmolejos (Foot Locker)
  • Conor Roach (Markit Group)


  • Rafhi Abreu (Outcasts)
  • Andy Brouse (Suns Out Guns Out)

Congratulations everyone on a great game!

2017 All Star Team

Ana Rivera and Sean Smythe of EBG Bees

2017 All Star Team

Jackie Kressaty of Master Batters

MVP was John Brezovsky of Maria’s Pizza

Fernando Marmolejos and teammates from Foot Locker

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