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Note regarding field permits: We have received most of our permits, there are a few fields that are still being held back. This has now becoming a constant issue. Each of the last 10 seasons the permit office has attempted to remove us from fields we’ve been using for decades. On most occasions we’ve been successful in retaining most of permits, but each season they keep nibbling. All long-term, well-established leagues are experiencing the same problem. We are collectively taking this action in order to put and end to this practice and expose what’s really going on in that permit office.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Spike HillThank you for your interest in YSA softball leagues. Our spring season offers multiple skilled divisions in men's and coed:

  • Division 1 - Advanced
  • Division 2 - Intermediate
  • Division 3 - Recreational
  • Division 4 - Just for Fun

The summer and fall seasons offer two skilled divisions in men's and coed:

  • Division 2 - Intermediate
  • Division 3 - Recreational

The 6-game seasons offer men's and coed leagues.

Coed teams are required to have a minimum of 3 women on the team, in the batting order and on the field at all times.

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