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Note from Al Morales

To all YSA players:

I have no doubt that you’ve decided to play this summer because you’re tired of being home and inactive, and you miss playing softball.

YSA is here today because we have always put our players first, playing for fun in both our competitive and recreational leagues. We could have waited until next spring to resume play because the interest is low right now. But being a player myself I know how difficult it has been to sit around gaining weight and building mental and physical frustration.

That said, anyone not willing to play under our temporary modified rules, which require wearing a mask, social distancing and a few other common-sense safety procedures should not to waste their time and money by signing up to play with us. As strongly as I feel that we should and need to play, I am equally committed to doing it as safely as possible. These rules are intended to keep you, your teammates and families safe. Please be considerate of the health and well-being of our community and comply.

Also, please be aware that town officials will be observing games. They are taking public health and safety very seriously and will shut down leagues that do not follow social distancing guidelines .

So, if you can’t follow these rules please don’t show up, or leave right now. We will eject anyone not playing by the rules because we’re really all about having fun and avoiding conflict while we’re trying to enjoy some physical activity, get back in shape and forget about COVID-19 for an hour and a half.

Al Morales


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