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NYC Teams Please Note

We will resume league play in NYC as soon as the city clarifies their position on league softball in the parks. When we are able to take the field, we will be following these safety protocols:

  • Bring your own lawn chair. The dugouts will be closed.
  • Your temperature will be taken by your Team Manager before you enter the field. If you have a fever you can’t play and must leave park.
  • You must maintain 6 to 10 foot distance from each other most of the time. The only exception is while at bat.
  • You must wear a face mask while batting. Face masks are personal protective equipment and cannot be shared.
  • No sharing equipment. You must use only your bat and equipment.
  • Catchers must wear their own game mask and safety face mask.
  • You must give yourself up if you’re going to be out. If the official makes a call before you decide, his judgement call is final. The plan is to keep players from coming together at any base including home plate.
  • No High Fives! Only clapping and cheering is permitted.
  • Pitchers will sanitize the ball between innings or as often as they want with wipes provided by YSA.
  • Sanitize your hands every time you come in from the field.
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